Englisch für Schüler und Erwachsene

I work in English with two types of Students:

1. Students who are now in high school and they have difficulties writing texts in English.

Problem: "I can communicate verbally, but I receive a bad grade in English."

Solution: Come to work with me and we will review the grammar points that are more difficult, and we will practice writing essays in English until you develop the right technique. It is a question of being able to organize your ideas and to express clearly what you want to communicate.

2. Students who have learned English at school, but they cannot use it in their everyday life.

Problem: "I am afraid of making mistakes, I think that nobody will understand me if I speak in English."

Solution: Come and practice your English, grow in confidence, believe that you can speak and communicate in English. We will talk in English and you will see that your English is probably better than you think.